Application Process

At S.O.A.R. Preparatory Academy LLC, we believe education and vocational training transforms lives. We invite you to review the information below and start the admissions process with us today. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Private Tutoring
Image by Annie Spratt

Private School Enrollment

Enrollment is year-round and open to students and families who agree with the school's mission and  philosophical principles. Parents and students are expected to demonstrate their commitment to the academic success of the student by following the handbook and participating and various school activities and functions. We ask that applicants exhibit ethical character and willingness to learn in order to be considered for enrollment.

Vocational Program

It is our goal to make transition to SOAR Vocational Program as smooth as possible.  Our commitment to providing small class sizes dictate the number of new applicants we can accept. Although continuing students receive enrollment priority, we enthusiastically encourage new students to apply as soon as possible.  Before being considered for work study; students skill level, the job placement requirements, and age at completion of phase I of the program will be considered.

Admissions Process

All prospective students and parents are advised to schedule and initial campus tour, which includes interviews and evaluations to determine the appropriate placement for each child.